Isabel Allende's "Maya's Notebook" Book Trailer

"In Isabel Allende's latest novel "Maya's Notebook", like in all great novels, we feel the character's thoughts and emotions inside our own heads. It was great to see how the SJSU students adapted Isabel's work into visual storytelling – powerful images and transitions, beautifully done that can be seen and shared. Perhaps—inspiring others to read the book. Now I know how much more powerful animated features could be if we dared to approach more serious subjects!"

                                                                                         - Craig Barron (Academy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor)

In spring 2013, we were asked by the world renowned author Isabel Allende to create a book trailer for the English release of her novel, "Maya's Notebook". This was a team effort. I worked on animation, color, and paint overs. My biggest job on the project was being a video editor by compiling all the shots together and syncing all the sequences to the music.

Team Members
Aaron Soon, Amy Kim, Annlyn Huang, Cody Gramstad, Crystal Hsieh, Joe Tirasuwan, Naima Sawyer-Dymski